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Early Commitment

Madam for America began on July 25, 2019 with our three Founders, Dorothy L. McClendon, Cee Cee Cole and Tamika Page.  Our journey in the first 60 days included the commitment of these donors and members who believed in our mission.  We are honored and grateful for your support!


Political Advocates

Arimeta DuPree, Esq. (Sponsor)

Harold Holliday, III, Esq/The Holliday Law Firm (Sponsor)
City Councilwoman Ryana Parks-Shaw
Alan Ware (Sponsor)

Rep. Barbara Anne Washington, Esq. (Sponsor)

Law Office of Cecil Williams (Sponsor)


Crystal Ammons

Frenchette Anderson

Victoria Anderson (Student)

Shawn Calhoun

Martha Comment

Dana T. Cutler, Esq.

Dawn Hickman

Stacey Johnson-Cosby

Lashonette Kemp

Tammy LeSure

Melissa McFarlane
Evelyn Rhenwrick

Sylvya Stevenson
Jarita Tate

Chantay Thomas

Gregory Watt, Esq./The Watt Law Firm (Sponsor)

Michelle Wimes, Esq.

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