Making A Difference


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Our members believe in our mission of identifying, recruiting, training and electing Black women to every level of government in the Midwest who believe in our agenda of criminal justice reform, quality housing, education and healthcare as well as economic equity, voting rights, supporting small businesses and working families.


We would love for you to make an investment.  We believe Madam for America can help you be the best advocate for our community.  We welcome investors who share our vision and commitment to expanding the reach of Black women in public office.



STUDENTS - $25.00 per year

FRIENDS  - $50.00 per year - $199.00 per year 

Our members' investments are used to train candidates and campaign workers, host "Meet and Greets", luncheons, advocacy programs and community outreach.
POLITICAL ADVOCATES - $200.00 - $1,500.00 per year

These members help identify, recruit, train, and elect more Black women who believe in our agenda.

MAJOR INVESTORS - Major investors make critical investments in Madam for America, allowing for strategic and long-term decision making.  

Make an investment online and pay by credit card, or mail your check to our office.  *Our members may donate a regular amount each month on a credit card.  You can donate from $5.00, $15.00, $25.00 or more.  Your contribution provides the stability we need to strategically plan for our future programs.


Do you have questions about membership or program sponsorship?
Contact Cee Cee L. Cole, Madam for America’s Membership Chairman, at or (816) 237-8574.